Body Painting

• Fixing it right the first time approach
• State-of-Art tools and equipment
• Globally proven Standard Operating Processes
• Superior quality of our Honda Genuine parts


Car-O-Liner electronic measuring and Collision repair solutions will speed up the repair process, increase repair quality and high precise measuring of body alignments.

MIG Welding

• Since a flux is not used, there is no chance for the entrapment of slag in the weld metal resulting in high quality welds and no rust formation
• Clean and efficient welding avoid weld spot formation and high quality of repairs

Spot Welding

• Factory standard process for panel joining
• Automatic welding ensures quality and accurate repairs
• Small Heat area formation leads to NO rust formation

Paint Booth

• The controlled environment will ensure the paint and other coatings dry faster.
• Ensures the even spray of paint and other coatings ensures the quality delivery.
• Controlled temperature and pressure ensure even spray and reduces the formation of dust / falling of other foreign material to the paint area.

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